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Executive Functioning and Screen Time

CHADD posted an interesting Podcast

with Dr. Randy Kulman from LearningWorks on video games and screen time for students with Executive Functioning deficits. I highly recommend you check it out! The most interesting thing I learned was that there are new studies that show that students that have one hour of game time per day improve their Executive Functioning skills over students with zero hours of game time. However, there can be too much of a good thing - students that played games over three hours per day exhibited lower Executive Functioning skills. Moderation is important. Also, studies show that kids actually tend to know when they are spending too much time in front of a screen, but they often cannot help themselves because their brain manager (or their Executive Skills) are not developed enough. When a parent knows that their kid has this intuition, they can shift the discussion from a negative discussion to a positive discussion. Parents can try to collaborate with their kids to come up with solutions rather than simply laying down the law at home. Finally, there are digital tools and games that can be used to practice and improve Executive Functioning skills such as organization, planning, time management, and focus. Parents can leverage these tools to have a positive impact on their child's development. Check out this episode to learn more!

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