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Fun Facts About Labor Day

Labor Day, an American holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September, serves as a tribute to the annual contributions of laborers and provides them with an opportunity to rejoice in their accomplishments alongside their loved ones. As a federally recognized holiday, Labor Day grants numerous workers a well-deserved break to enjoy quality time with their families. Here are some fun facts about Labor Day that you can engage in conversations with your family members:

  1. Labor Day wasn’t nationally recognized until 12 years after the first Labor Day. The first Labor Day was held on September 5th,1882. Despite being recognized municipally as a holiday in 1885, it wasn’t nationally recognized until 1894. New York and Oregon were the first to make legislation for it, and it was finally recognized by Congress in June of 1894.

  2. New York and Oregon were the first states to make legislation for Labor Day. New York began introducing a bill for it, but Oregon was the first to pass a law recognizing Labor Day in 1887.

  3. People still aren’t exactly sure who started Labor Day. Two men hold claim to the idea: A machinist named Matthew Maguire, and a member of the carpenters guild named Peter McGuire. Both attended the first Labor Day parade.

  4. September was suggested because it was between two other major holidays. It’s said McGuire picked the date because it was between Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July.

  5. Other countries celebrate Labor Day in their own ways. Most European countries celebrate May Day, which is the first of May, but Canada celebrates Labor Day on the first Monday of September, the same day America does. Canada’s Labor Day was also established in 1894, but workers began campaigning for one in 1872.

From everyone at Star Tutoring, we wish you a happy Labor Day!


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