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Homework Frustrations After School

ADDitude Magazine published an article summarizing 5 types of homework woes that students frequently encounter. We thought this was so good we wanted to share it with you. Please check out the whole article here.

Solutions for Disorganized Students:

  • Treat organization like a subject (not just ancillary to their school work). Make it the first subject they work on each day.

  • Create a dedicated space in the evening for things to be ready in the morning - called a "launchpad."

  • In addition to daily organization, make a weekly habit of going through their desk, binders and backpacks to make sure everything tidy for the upcoming week.

Solutions for Procrastinators:

  • Start with easier tasks to "lower the barrier" to getting started.

  • Start with a short task, take a brief break, and then engage in something longer.

  • Chunk bigger assignments into smaller pieces (see: 9 Steps for Breaking Down Assignments).

Solutions for Distracted Students:

  • Provide a fidget toy. While it might seem counterintuitive, some people need to fidget with their hands to focus their minds.

  • Use a reminder system. You may need to carefully toe the line between nagging and reminding. Students do need to call attention to their inattention to eventually find things that help keep them focused.

  • Set an end time to the study session so there is a goal to work towards.

Solutions for Students that Rush:

  • Use daily designated study times with concrete start and end times - no matter how much work there is to do.

  • A good rule of thumb is 10 minutes per grade (so a 5th grader can study for 50 minutes).

  • If there is no school work, you can use for extra practice or they may read.

Solutions for Frustrated Students:

  • Allow them to disengage from work so they can work through emotions. Make sure to let them know to tell you when they are ready to resume.

  • Empathize with your student and help them name their feelings.

  • Give them space (but let them know you are available to help).

  • Ask for accommodations from the school if those might be helpful to overcome certain issues.

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