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Tips on How to Study for Exams

Now that we’re a few weeks into school, exams will start coming into rotation. A key component of succeeding in school is learning how to prepare and study for exams. Taking tests can be both challenging and rewarding as you are solidifying your understanding of the concepts at hand.

Top shares some excellent tips on how to study for exams:

  1. Give yourself time to study. Cramming for an exam is stressful and sometimes inefficient. Allowing yourself ample time to study will be less stressful and allow you to use effective study techniques like spaced repetition and active learning.

  2. Grab your planner and set up a daily plan with times blocked off for studying.

  3. Use your class syllabus to keep track of the key exam and project dates.

  4. Use flow charts and diagrams. Having a visual representation of what you are studying in class can help you connect with the material in a new way. Creating your own visual aid will help you filter what information is truly important to know.

  5. Practice on old exams. Past exams will have similar question types and formats to the ones you’re studying to take. Ask your professor if they have any old or practice exams that they are willing to release. Treat these exams as if they were the real thing! Then, score it to see what areas you can improve on.

  6. Explain your answers to others. One excellent way to test whether or not you know the class material is by explaining it to someone. This is called the Feynman Technique. Use simple and direct words. Encourage them to ask questions. If you notice any gaps in your knowledge, make sure to write them down and study them later.

  7. Take regular breaks. Your brain can only concentrate for so long. Use the Pomodoro Technique to help structure your study sessions. Scheduling breaks in your study sessions will take away any compunction you might feel for trying to relax your mind.

As with everything, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. Having effective study techniques for preparing for exams will help you in both high school and college!

If you know of any students who have a hard time studying, we are here to help! Together, we can help alleviate the stress of school by making students more confident learners and test takers. Find out more about our programs.

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