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School is Hard. We can Help.

Students with ADHD often experience a range of challenges in the classroom ranging from mild to severe. It can be overwhelming! We also understand that family dynamics can make it challenging to address these issues at home. One-on-one tutoring is a great way to provide additional remediation and coaching to help students manage their school work.

Four Step Framework

Star Sessions is a novel approach to tutoring that combines academics with Executive Functioning skills development. Executive Functioning is responsible for organization, planning, time management, self-regulation (focus), study skills, and more.  We customize the program for your child following a four-step model:

  1. Getting organized;

  2. Making a study plan;

  3. Tutoring on academics; and

  4. Wrapping up.


Supportive Environment

In our spacious, comfortable, distraction-free Learning Center (in North Dallas), students will learn how to have a successful study session and execute on work. We supply tips and strategies for common ADHD issues such as:

  • Not knowing what to work on or when things are due;

  • Failing to turn in homework that has been completed;

  • Procrastinating or finding it hard to start work; or

  • Binders/backpacks that are in disarray.

Every student with ADHD has different strengths and challenges. With our customized approach, we can help your student where it has the greatest impact.

Free Consultation

Star Tutoring Centers can help with all grades / subjects and prepare students for standardized tests like the ISEE, SAT or ACT. Every session is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Our model of tutoring is also available online and we have expanded in-home support for families needing assistance with daily at-home learning and e-schooling.

School is hard.

We can help.

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