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Star Sessions for Summer School

We provide content support for summer school, summer assignments, and credit recovery courses. Students study with us in-center or online in order to:

  • complete a significant amount of homework;

  • study for exams;

  • build effective organizational practices;

  • create a work plan for the week;

  • practice study skills;

  • develop focus and time management skills; and

  • foster a sense of independence.

Review and Enichment

Avoid the "Summer Slide!" Stay fresh and gain confidence. We check mastery of all content/standards to ensure readiness for next school year.

All caught up? Keep learning all summer long! We can pre-teach upcoming courses so that your child is prepared and confident for next year. We will develop a custom lesson plan and assign homework.

Our popular workshops include:

  • Math - all grades K-12.  We check for mastery of all content standards. We will remediate any gaps. If we get all caught up, we will focus on building confidence for the upcoming school year.

  • English - work on summer reading lists, improve reading comprehension, study vocabulary and build better writing skills.

  • Science -  physics and chemistry at some schools can be really tough! We can pre-teach the introductory concepts so students will start the year strong.

  • STAAR Retakes - if your child didn't pass the spring testing, they may need to retake the exam in the summer. We can improve their content mastery and help them score a proficient level.

Star Sessons Summer

ISEE / SAT / ACT Test Prep

Our expert tutors will work with you to get ready for your upcoming standardized tests.  We offer free diagnostic tests to assess your beginning level and then we will recommend a customized plan to achieve your desired score in your ideal time frame.

School Applications

We help you get organized and make a detailed action plan for Private School and College applications.  We coach your student to research entry requirements and find programs that will be a good fit.  We help them keep track of deadlines and requirements. We support applications, essays and interviews to maximize your chances for achieving entry into the school of your dreams!

Test Prep Summer
School Applications Summer

School is hard.

We can help.

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