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Star Sessions: Build Independence in Learning

Our innovative approach to tutoring focuses on strengthening Executive Functioning skills in the context of the student's coursework. Students come to work on their core academic subjects and while they are here, they will:

  • complete a significant amount of homework;

  • study for exams;

  • build effective organizational practices;

  • create a work plan for the week;

  • practice study skills;

  • develop focus and time management skills; and

  • foster a sense of independence.


Our tutors have two roles: to instruct academics and to coach students. We believe in self-advocacy, so our tutors mentor their students on how to communicate with teachers and adults. Students will be thrilled by the amount of work they accomplish in our focused, distraction-free environment. Schedule a free consultation to see why our families love Star Sessions.

Star Sessions is available in our Learning Center (in North Dallas), in-home, or anywhere via online tutoring!

Star Sessions

Private Tutoring: Content Support and Test Prep

Our individualized tutoring service follows a traditional model of one-on-one, direct subject instruction which scaffolds and complements daily classroom instruction.  We match students with tutors and customize our approach based on each student's unique background and learning profile. For students requiring remediation, our tutors will identify underlying skill deficiencies, fill the gaps, and then progress to more complex topics.  We also pre-teach upcoming topics to ensure classroom readiness. And, we help advanced students achieve their maximum potential by providing additional enrichment. 


To maximize comfort and convenience, private tutoring is available at our center, or in-home, at the local library, or at your child's school (with administration's approval). Our expert tutors cover most grades and core subjects. We can help with many AP / IB courses and we also prepare students for standardized exams like the STAAR, ISEE, PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Maximize your student's college and career readiness with Star Tutoring Centers!

Private Tutoring

Daily At-Home Tutoring

We provide expanded in-home, online and in-center support where we deliver live instruction and/or tutoring.  We work with families to customize a schedule which may be several times per week or even every day.  We will accommodate your schedule (morning, afternoon or evening) and can adapt to use your curriculum.

We support families who:

  • Are homeschooling

  • Are e-schooling

  • Need a 'Learning Pod' community instructor

  • Need intensive study and homework support

We work with all grades and subjects, including elementary school, high school, AP and IB. We consult with you to understand your student's needs and customize the program around that. 

Contact our Center Director for a custom proposal.

At Home Learing

School is hard.

We can help.

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