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Star Sessions for Adults

We help our clients build Executive Functioning skills by working on practical and important projects in our comfortable, distraction-free environment.

How it Works

We coach our clients define goals and then execute on those objectives.  We cover both "life skills" and "professional skills."  Some examples include:

  • Job search (including resume and interview prep)

  • College or career planning

  • Structuring complex projects

  • Organizing binders and work

  • Building daily routines (morning schedule, grocery lists, managing tasks and appointments)

  • Academic tutoring (click here for more information)

During the free consultation, we will discuss how to tailor the program to your individual projects and goals.

Format and Scheduling

Star Sessions usually run two-to-three hours for a cost-effective flat-rate fee. Part of the time will be spent working directly with the coach and part of the time will be spent executing on work independently. However, the coach is always supervising and ensuring that our clients are focused and on task.  We encourage our clients to maintain a consistent weekly appointment time. All sessions are by-appointment.

Who This is For

Our clients usually struggle with one or more of these:

  • Starting or completing tasks / maintaining focus

  • Losing or misplacing important items or papers

  • Wasting time spent on organizing and reorganizing

  • Forgetting important tasks or appointments

  • Getting distracted and running out of time

  • Juggling priorities and adjusting to ad hoc changes

  • Having deadlines approach from out of nowhere.

We also serve clients with a variety of special needs including ADHD, anxiety, and high functioning autism.

How We Practice Executive Functioning Skills



Leverage tools and methodologies to create effective work systems.


Time Management

Practice estimating and sensing time.  Improve timeliness with deliverables.



Methodically develop MECE lists so you can turn to-dos into to-dones.


Working Memory

Find ways to reduce cognitive load. Minimize forgetfulness and gain confidence.



Sequence tasks to maximize effectiveness. Develop strategies to cope with ad hoc changes.



Determine what makes you excited and engaged. Play towards those strengths.



Improve focus and overcome procrastination. Identify blockers and obstacles.



Develop personal, meaningful SMART goals and track progress towards attainment.

Please note that our coaching programs are not designed to take the place of a professional ADHD coach, psychotherapist or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Our coaches are paraprofessionals and typically do not hold a license or certification. Our coaches are trained in our model of helping adults build and practice Executive Functioning skills. Our programs are generally less expensive than these alternatives and are often highly effective when used in combination with other professional or mental health services. Our programs are designed to practice and reinforce skills in the context of real, practical projects. Our programs are not intended to diagnose mental / behavioral health issues or to prescribe solutions.

Schedule a free consultation to see if Star Sessions coaching can be a good fit for you!

Life is hard.

We can help.

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