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Academics + Executive Functioning = School Success!

It's Back to School Season

Many schools in North Dallas have kicked off their fall semester while others are launching over the next two weeks. We are seeing every possible schooling modality across Dallas, Richardson and Plano.  Some schools are starting with blended models, some are online-only for the first 4-to-8 weeks, and others are offering the option for in-person or online for the entire fall semester. It's complicated. It's stressful. And it's changing every week.

School is hard. We can help.

Star Tutoring Centers offers a unique instructional format that combines Executive Functioning skills with Academic Tutoring.  Our innovative Star Sessions follows a four-step framework:

  1. Getting organized (backpacks, binders, materials)

  2. Making a study plan

  3. Tutoring on academics

  4. Wrapping up

This program is great for students with ADHD or Executive Functioning deficits, but it also works really well for ALL students. Our goal is to transform students into confident, independent learners who are successful in school, at home and at life.

Fall Semester

Star Sessions in available online, in-center or in-home! Our Learning Center is safe and sanitized following our COVID-19 protocols. While we often help students with supplemental tutoring sessions that are once or twice per week, we can also help parents by offering daily in-home instruction to assist with e-schooling.  And, we now provide instructors for 'learning pods' or community schooling groups. We work with all grades and all subjects. Contact us today for more details! (214) 444-3431 Sam Barnes Owner and Center Director

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