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  • Sam B.

ADHD Testing - Get it Early

Let's be honest: educational testing can carry some baggage. The tests themselves are time-consuming - several hours, sometimes over several days. They are expensive and an inconvenience for families with already busy lives.

There is also the fear of discovering a diagnosis that you may wish did not exist.

As much as this can challenge you, if you think your student may need it, it is important for many reasons to get a diagnosis early. The simple fact is that the longer you wait in life, the harder it will probably become to get an accurate diagnosis, the right medication, and the proper accommodations for your needs. The classic example is the student who got by in grade school but then really struggles in college. If it turns out they need medication or accommodations at this point, the process will become a lot more arduous starting from scratch. If you have a paper trail of testing and diagnoses over the prior years, you will more quickly get the outcomes you need.

Another example is the student that may be fine taking exams with 15 or even 30 people in the classroom; however, when it comes to taking the SAT or ACT in a cafeteria with 200 students, this change in setting can produce adverse conditions on the student. If you wait until the SAT time frame to start the process for accommodations, you risk not getting them for months. However, if you have the paperwork over the years, you can receive your accommodations readily.

The longer you wait, the harder it is. College students may face skepticism about their "sudden" need for accommodations or medications - especially with the stigma around the abuse and misuse of some ADHD medications. Again, this can all be avoided with an early diagnosis and a paper trail.

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