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Biology and Mindset

Let's talk about Biology and Mindset. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, the hosts reinforce how important self-reflection is in determining how to live a successful life with ADHD. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Finding methods, tools, tricks, routines, and habits require deliberate focus and attention. You should empower yourself to pay attention to yourself and explore your needs. Take the time (and often money!) to try different tactics and measure what works and what's effective. Shift your mindset to understand yourself and not your diagnosis. Problem solve to find solutions that work for you as an individual. And, most importantly, you have to want to bring change for yourself.

In the episode, they get into breaking away from the word "lazy." I love this because "lazy" is the worst word you can use! As Jeff Copper points out, lazy is a label and once we label something we stop paying attention to it. So, if you call yourself lazy, then you've labeled yourself as lazy and that's how you will identify yourself. Stop doing this right away! Are you actually lazy or do you have trouble starting tasks? Are you actually lazy or unable to focus? Chances are, if you dig into the root cause, you aren't actually lazy. There's something else going on. what is going on in your brain or in your environment that makes it hard to start and complete tasks? What is it that makes it hard to focus? What can you do to fix it? Break away from the the word lazy and get rid of the shame that comes along with it!

They also talk about systems. We have systems all around us, even if we don't know what they are. For example, your room might be a mess but it's not that you don't have a system for organization; your system is that you put things in piles on the floor. Or, you may have piles of papers and receipts - that is a system as well. Once you identify your system, it's more likely that you can improve your system. Systems do NOT have to be pretty or organized - we often think that they must look nice. All the system needs to be is effective for YOU.

Great episode. Click here to listen to it!

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