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  • Sam B.

Brain Hacks

Let's face it - change is hard. Building new habits and routines can take 60+ days of repetition before they sink in. Luckily, there are some brain hacks we can use to improve our Executive Functioning.

How long is time? Re-frame time. We think that we can't accomplish a lot in 60 seconds. It turns out that 60 seconds is long enough to send several texts, knock out an email, or make a quick call!

What is really urgent? We often get caught up by things we think are a priority, but if we stop and think about it, those things might not actually need to be done right now.

Stuck? Procrastinating? Don't get frustrated! Just make a to do list, close your eyes, and pick an item at random! Start working on that item today. It doesn't have to be the best item, but at least you'll be productive - and that will spur more productivity.

Are you spending a lot of time worrying about the past? Worrying about the future? It's easy to spiral in our thoughts a waste a lot of time! Try to catch yourself and say "let's worry about the now."

No time for self-reflection? It only takes 10 seconds! Pause, close your eyes, and listen to the stuff in your head. Think about putting those thoughts aside. Open your eyes and resume your work.

Worried about finishing a task? Focusing on finishing a task can create a lot of anxiety. Instead of thinking about the completed task, just tell yourself you will START a task and get as far as you can. You don't need to promise yourself that you'll finish the task.

Check out this great spotify playlist on hacking your ADHD!

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