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Breaking Down an Assignment


Procrastination often stems from two elements: not being interested in the work and/or not knowing where to begin. Today, we will address the latter part and suggest tips to practice breaking down a complex task.

Breaking Down an Assignment suggests a 9-step framework to help students develop a plan and see it through. Realistically, some of these steps can be consolidated for many students. Though, students really struggling with organization, time management and working memory are likely to find it beneficial to go through this methodically.

  1. Determine how much time you have by working backwards from the project's deadline.

  2. Estimate your work stamina - how much can be done in one sitting.

  3. Calculate how much you'll need to do each day or each week.

  4. Write down the materials you will need to accomplish the task.

  5. Write down each task onto note cards.

  6. Put the note cards in order.

  7. Write down questions or concerns on the back of the note cards.

  8. Add a due date to each note card.

  9. Have someone help keep you accountable for each task. This can be a friend or a family member.

This method reinforces all three of the main Executive Functioning skills. Estimating time and making goals is good Time Management (1) practice. Writing things down helps with Working Memory (2). And, having someone keep you accountable will assist with Self Regulation (3).

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