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  • Sam B.

Executive Functioning and Mindfulness

ADHD Coach Jeff Copper likes to say there are two parts to the brain: the automatic brain and the executive functioning part of the brain. So often, we let the automatic brain rule our lives. Mindfulness is an excellent way to override the automatic brain. It seems so basic that we forget to practice and hone mindfulness. Practicing it is something we can do at any time - we just have to be intentional about practicing it. Here are some tips to practice mindfulness:

1) Set reminders to practice

2) Start with small chunks and grow it over time

3) Practice with music or with ambient sounds

4) Practice with movement (focus on how you walk, run, or swim)

5) Become aware of your sensations

6) Focus on your thoughts

7) Become aware of your feelings and energy

8) Practice by focusing on tastes.

You can practice mindfulness just about anywhere - in bed, at the gym, at a restaurant, etc! It all comes down to getting in touch with your body. For an excellent podcast on mindfulness, check out this recent episode of Attention Talk Radio!

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