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Executive Functioning Support - Customized for Every Student

ADHD is Different for Everyone

We all have individual strengths and weaknesses. We have different aptitudes and deficits. For ADHD alone, there are literally thousands of different ways the symptoms can combine and manifest in different people. Some students with ADHD may have great working memory but terrible time management. Others might have awesome self regulation (focus) but struggle with work stamina. All of these are on a scale - they are not binary.

How We Customize Our Session Format

Every learner is different. In all likelihood, what works for me will not work for you. Of course there can be best practices - tips and strategies that generally tend to work. But, there is no single one-size-fits-all solution that works for all students with ADHD.

At Star Tutoring, we have a 4-step methodology for our Star Sessions program (organization, planning, execution and wrap-up). We prepare our staff with templates and frameworks. We have preferred methods for organizing binders. We have a suggested way for developing planners. These tools are useful, but ultimately, our delivery of is customized to every student's strengths and weaknesses.

It starts with a 1:1 consultation to develop goals and objectives. When we begin, we often try new strategies for organization and time management with our clients and it's important to know that we might not nail it 100% on the first session! New systems take time (sometimes weeks or months) to implement and tweak. If they don't work for the individual student, then we try something different. Our goal is to hone in on a set of systems and processes that enable success and independence for our learners.

Star Tutoring: Online | In Center | In Home

To discuss tips and strategies, please contact our Center Director at (214) 444-3431. Star Sessions (by Star Tutoring) reinforces Executive Functioning skills and helps students become confident, independent learners.

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