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Exploring the E.D.G.E. Method

There are many different teaching methods out there to help students learn concepts better and more quickly. Today, we will discuss the E.D.G.E method and how it helps students learn in a new and fresh way. The E.D.G.E method is an acronym with each letter standing for a step in the process: Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable.

  • Explain. The initial stage involves instructing the student about the concept. The primary objective is to impart a clear understanding of the fundamental principles underlying the concept. Subsequent stages in the E.D.G.E. Method will introduce more intricate aspects of the concept to build upon this foundational knowledge.

  • Demonstrate. The second step is to demonstrate the concept. After you tell a student what the goal or process is, you demonstrate how to do that process. For math, you might solve a problem using that equation; for writing, you’ll point out when you are using the technique you are trying to teach. The demonstration gives the student an example to follow as well as a better idea of how the process actually works and provides a visual component to the learning.

  • Guide. Once the student has seen you do it, you guide them through doing it. Usually, this means doing it with them; for math, it would be giving them a prompt when they are going to make a mistake or a reminder if they need it. The trick is to make sure you aren’t just demonstrating a second time; this step incorporates the student, makes them more involved with it, and helps them remember it. Sometimes you might need to give another explanation or demonstration or help the student through it more than once, and that’s okay; different people learn at different paces.

  • Enable. The last step is for the student to prove they’ve learned it by doing it themselves. If they can do it with minimal help or, ideally, no help at all, then they’ve learned the concept. Especially with school, they will still need to practice a bit more to master the material, but if they can get to a stage where they do it on their own, then they are on the right track.

The E.D.G.E method is a tried and true method because a part of it appeals to many different learning styles and stays simple, so it does not overload the student with steps and information. While becoming good at teaching will take time and practice, the E.D.G.E method is a great place to start and can help anyone teach anything.

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