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Fun Facts About Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus was the man who discovered the Americas. Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492 to discover a new trade route to India, China, and many others. His goal was to find a shortcut to Asia that would allow the trade of herbs, spices, and many other desired products to occur more efficiently. In this endeavor, he ended up discovering a completely new continent instead, North America. However, at the time Christopher Columbus thought that the place he arrived at was India, which is why he referred to the Indigenous as “Indians.” According to, he brought back many things to the European world. Here is a short list of what he returned to Europe with:

  1. Several Native Americans

  2. A small amount of Gold

  3. Indigenous Plants of the Americas

  4. Unique Indigenous Birds of Paradise

  5. Many Exotic American Animals

From everyone at Star Tutoring, we wish you a happy Columbus Day!

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