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Fun Facts About Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special time of year when we honor and remember the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to our country. In this blog post, we thought it would be fun to share some facts about Memorial Day.

  1. Red Poppies are Worn in Honor of the Fallen Soldiers: Because of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae's famous poem "In Flanders Fields" from World War I, the red poppy came to represent remembrance for the fallen soldiers. This poem is the inspiration of the custom of wearing crimson poppies to remember the fallen soldiers.

  2. The American flag is flown at half-staff on Memorial Day until noon and then at full-staff until dusk: This is carried out as a mark of respect and sorrow for those who have given their lives serving their country.

  3. The Indianapolis 500 is a Memorial Day Custom: Every year over Memorial Day weekend, the Indianapolis 500, one of the world's most prestigious car races, occurs at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Since 1911, it has turned into a Memorial Day custom.

  4. Many Americans Pay Their Respects at National Cemeteries: On Memorial Day, a lot of Americans pay their respects to the dead soldiers by visiting national cemeteries. One of the busiest cemeteries on this day is Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, when an official service is held at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

  5. Memorial Day was Created in the Late 1860s: Memorial Day was established in 1868 to honor those who died while serving their country. It was originally created to honor fallen Union and Confederate soldiers of the Civil War. Since the Civil War, Memorial Day has been used to remember the men and women who have died serving their country in the military service.

  6. It Used to Be Called Decoration Day: General John Logan began Decoration Day on May 5, 1868, to remember the soldiers who died in the Civil War. The first Decoration Day gathering was at Arlington National Cemetery.

From everyone at Star Tutoring, we wish you a happy Memorial Day and a special thanks to all veterans and their families for your service to our country!

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