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  • Sam B.

Good Enough Can Sometimes Beat Perfect

Have you ever over-thought a project - spending too much time on it - striving for perfection? You can work on something over and over, constantly making it better. But, if you never turn it in (or turn it in late), you may not get credit!

ADHD students can sometimes exhibit hyper-focus, which is ironic because most people associate ADHD with an inability to focus. Hyper-focus can look like getting wrapped around the axle on certain details, or getting lost in the weeds while missing some of the major elements of the deliverable.

Here are some tips to help break a "thought-loop:"

1) Write down what's on your mind to ease your working memory.

2) Find a thought-partner - someone that you can bounce ideas off of.

3) Practice setting deadlines. You can have other people help hold you accountable.

4) Reduce your choices by making a list of things that are truly important.

5) Trust your gut. Your first instinct if probably right.

Most of the time, just turning it in is all that's needed and it's usually more than good enough!

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