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Holidays Celebrated Around The World

As we approach the holiday season, we thought it would be fun and informative to share some staple holiday celebrations from around the world.

  1. Christmas: This holiday is held every December 25th. The purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

  2. Hanukkah: The eight-day Jewish holiday celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem after the Maccabean Revolt. Hanukkah has many traditions, such as lighting the Menorah - a lamp that has 9 candle holders. This holiday starts on a different day every year on the Gregorian Calendar. It can fall anywhere from late November to late December.

  3. Kwanzaa: This holiday lasts for a week and celebrates seven core principles - 1) unity, 2) self-determination, 3) collective work and responsibility, 4) cooperative economics, 5) purpose, 6) creativity, and 7) faith. Kwanzaa was created by Maulana Karenga in 1966.

  4. Las Posada: This nine-day celebration consists of group singers stopping at homes to sing and pray. Eventually, they get invited into a home for treats and festivities. The group reenacts the biblical story of Mary and Joseph, who were turned down from entering people’s homes until an innkeeper invited them into a manger.

  5. Eid-al-Adha: This holiday is also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice. This holiday celebrates the willingness of the prophet Abraham to harken to God’s command to sacrifice his first child. The start of the holiday depends on the Islamic lunar calendar.

  6. Diwali: The five-day Hindu festival is also known as the "festival of lights." Diwali honors the attainment of nirvana by Mahavira and the death anniversary of Swami Dayanand.

From all of us at Star Tutoring - we wish you Happy Holidays!!

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