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Homework Hacks Students Should Know

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Homework can be difficult for students of all ages, and when paired with an already busy schedule, it can even be intimidating. This can cause stress. If it builds up, it can lead to an increase in anxiety and a decrease in efficiency. Here are a few homework tips to help students tackle their homework:

  1. Make a To-Do List: Creating a to-do list will help you keep track of what you need to complete and lessen the chances of forgetting an assignment. Check out our prior blog for a more detailed guide on how to make a to-do list that is right for you.

  2. Create a Dedicated Working Environment: Doing homework can be hard when surrounded by possible distractions, such as loud noises or electronics. It is especially difficult when doing work in an environment that you associate with relaxing. For example, your bedroom might not be the best setting to work in even when distractions have been removed because your mind associates it with a routine of rest and relaxation; this can subconsciously affect your productivity because your body wants to continue with this pre-established routine, often making you tired and slowing down your work progress. A great way to combat this is to find a place in your home or on campus that you can use as a dedicated workspace that your mind can associate with a newly established routine of working efficiently.

  3. Time Yourself: While this may seem intimidating at first glance, setting a visible timer for an assignment can trick your brain into kicking into that "work mindset" that is sometimes difficult to achieve. Parkinson's Law states that "work expands to fill the time available for its completion." By setting a timer, your mind sets out to become as productive as possible, and it is great practice for any potential timed assignments or exams you may need to complete.

  4. Take Breaks: I know what you’re thinking: "Why would I take breaks when I’m trying to get my homework done faster?" The answer is simple: your brain gets tired, just like you do! The University of the People gives the analogy of "approach[ing] your homework like you would a high-intensity interval training exercise regimen." Just like how you should take breaks when working out, you also need to take breaks when doing homework. This can also help immensely when you are stuck on an assignment. When you take a break, your brain has a bit of time to refresh itself, allowing you to think more clearly when returning to the task at hand.

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