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How to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

We all know that school can be stressful and challenging. Students can feel overwhelmed when facing tough assignments and can be overly critical of themselves when the expectations they set aren’t met. Knowing the telltale signs of when your child’s confidence levels are low can help you get them on the right track with a little bit of encouragement.

According to, children with low confidence levels tend to: - Feel they're not as good as other kids

- Think of the times they fail rather than when they succeed

- Doubt they can do well

Children who have good self-esteem tend to:

- Feel liked and accepted

- Feel proud of what they can do

- Believe in themselves

We can foster a mindset in our students to help them build confidence in themselves. Parents, teachers, tutors, and friends can all work together to help students develop a growth mindset when facing challenges.

Strategies to foster a growth mindset:

- Praising effort will go a long way when reviewing your child’s grades. If your child presents a report card to you, one thing you can say is, "I see that B in Language Arts! Wow, you must have worked really hard to improve that grade! I’m proud of you." This empowers the student because they can recognize their own agency in improvement. It was not just their natural "cleverness" or "laziness" that earned the grade, but their dedication to the task.

- Knowing how to praise your child wisely is key to them valuing your admiration. Overly praising your child can make your praise seem made up and not heartfelt.

- Focusing on your child's strengths will help them stay motivated when dealing with difficult situations. It will make them feel more accepted as you are embracing their strengths and encouraging them to use them as a stepping stone to overcome challenges.

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