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How To Prevent The Winter Slide

Over winter break, many students are excited about being able to chill and hang out with friends! We all want our students to have fun and relax, but according to Ed Post, many students experience a "winter slide." Winter slide is the process of students forgetting valuable information they learned during the semester during winter break.

There are several methods that parents can use to keep their kids on track for the next semester and also to make sure they retain the information that they worked so hard to learn in the first place.

Online resources like Khan Academy are extremely helpful for students in grades K–12. There are resources available for almost any class a student could take. They have video lessons that include both practice problems and tests to make sure students are learning, and the modules are constructed in such a way that that material could be completely self-taught. Other useful resources include websites such as, which has an extremely large question bank that parents can use as extra practice for their kids. Just 10 minutes a day could have a huge impact!

Home activities are an excellent way to incorporate learning time with your child and get them excited about applying concepts they have learned in a fun interactive way. Board games such as Monopoly or Sudoku are perfect for developing critical thinking and basic math skills. In terms of writing and reading, parents could have their kids play games such as Mad Libs, which are really fun for kids to play and also end up teaching them story structure, sentence structure, vocabulary and overall writing skills.

Reading is a great way to help students’ minds stay active and sharp. According to Scholastic, it's recommended that students read for at least 30 minutes a day. This could be achieved in small sessions throughout the day or all at once at. Consistent reading will help students become better and faster readers, as well as work on their critical thinking skills when reading harder material. Reading also helps with concentration, vocabulary, and creativity. There are only positives to having a student read every day. For students that dislike reading, parents can try to find graphic novels or different genres that might appeal more to their personal interests.

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