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How to Write a Standout College Application Essay: A Guide for Parents

As the school year winds down and summer approaches, it's the perfect time to think about college preparation. Summer break offers a valuable opportunity for high school students to get ahead in their college prep journey. Here are some ways your teen can make the most of their summer break to prepare for college, ensuring they're ready for the next step in their academic journey.

Standardized Test Preparation

Summer is an excellent time for students to focus on preparing for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. Without the demands of regular schoolwork, they can dedicate time to practice tests and test-taking strategies. Here’s how you can help:

  • Enroll in Test Prep Courses: Consider enrolling your child in a test prep course offered by Star Tutoring Centers. Our experienced tutors provide personalized instruction, focusing on key areas where your child needs improvement.

  • Practice Regularly: Encourage your teen to take full-length practice tests. Star Tutoring Centers provide access to practice exams and diagnostic tests to track progress and identify areas for further study.

  • Set Goals: Work with your child to set realistic score goals and develop a study schedule that allows for consistent practice. Our tutors can help create customized study plans tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Building a Strong Resume

Colleges look for well-rounded students with diverse experiences. Summer is an ideal time for your child to build their resume through various activities:

  • Volunteer Work: Volunteering not only helps the community but also demonstrates your child's commitment and leadership skills. Star Tutoring Centers can help identify local volunteer opportunities that align with your child’s interests and future goals.

  • Internships: An internship can provide valuable work experience and help your child explore potential career interests. We offer guidance on finding and applying for internships that match your child's career aspirations.

College Visits and Research

Summer is a great time to visit colleges. Without the pressure of schoolwork, students can focus on exploring campuses and getting a feel for different college environments.

  • Plan Visits: Visit local colleges and take advantage of any summer open houses or campus tours. Star Tutoring Centers can provide a checklist of questions to ask during visits and tips on what to look for.

  • Research: Encourage your teen to research colleges online, focusing on factors such as programs offered, campus culture, and location. Our tutors can help compile and analyze information to create a shortlist of potential colleges.

  • Create a List: Help your child create a list of colleges they’re interested in, including reach, match, and safety schools. We offer personalized tutoring sessions to develop a balanced college list tailored to your child’s preferences and academic profile.

Enhancing Academic Skills

Maintaining and enhancing academic skills over the summer can give your child a head start for the next school year.

  • Summer Courses: Enroll your teen in summer courses to get ahead or strengthen areas of weakness. Star Tutoring Centers offer a variety of subjects, from advanced math to creative writing, ensuring students stay challenged and engaged.

  • Reading: Encourage your child to read books related to their interests or future college major. Our tutors can recommend reading lists and provide book discussions to enhance comprehension and critical thinking skills.

College Application Preparation

Starting the college application process early can alleviate stress in the fall.

  • Personal Statement: Encourage your child to start drafting their college essays. Star Tutoring Centers provide essay writing workshops and one-on-one coaching to help students brainstorm, write, and refine their personal statements.

  • Gather Materials: Begin collecting letters of recommendation, transcripts, and other necessary documents. We offer organizational tools and checklists to ensure all materials are gathered and deadlines are met.

  • Application Workshops: Star Tutoring Centers offer workshops to guide students through the application process, from filling out forms to understanding what admissions officers look for.

At Star Tutoring Centers, we are dedicated to helping your child succeed. Our tailored programs and tutors are here to support your family through every step of the college preparation process. Reach out to us for more information on how we can assist in making this summer a productive and enriching time for your college-bound teen.

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