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How We Practice Executive Functioning Skills

At Star Tutoring Centers, we take a holistic approach to building independent learners. This means that we work on both academics (content tutoring) and Executive Functioning skills.

We don't just chase an A on the next exam - we have a long-term vision of success.

Let's take a closer look at how we coach and practice Executive Functioning skills with our students:

1) Planning. Students kick off every session by completing a planning sheet. Students cross reference their class syllabi, LMS, announcements and planner to list out overdue and upcoming assignments, tests, projects and anything else that might be relevant.

2) Prioritizing. Students will develop an action plan and determine where they will focus their efforts during the session and at home.

3) Organization. Students will practice building binders, filing papers, and ensuring their backpacks are organized.

4) Time Management. Students will estimate how much time a certain assignment will take. The tutor will help them measure this using timers and help them reflect on their speed of output. We also encourage thinking about schedules of upcoming deliverables.

5) Resiliency. Tutors will help encourage students to achieve their goals during sessions and at home.

6) Sustained Attention. With limited distractions, our two-to-three hour format helps students build stamina and endurance to complete work. Having the stamina to complete a 3-hour study session is preparing students for the rigors of college!

7) Self Regulation. If needed, tutors will help students identify and label their emotions. Students will practice pausing and down-regulating.

8) Working Memory. Juggling too much can be taxing and can result in overload. Students will practice making lists and laying out resources to reduce cognitive load.

9) Self-Advocacy. Students will be encouraged to address problems on their own and manage communications directly with their teachers. Tutors help facilitate accountability.

10) Study Skills. Tutors will mentor students on effective methods for taking notes, building outlines, making study sheets, and other useful skills.

Of course, academic tutoring is of paramount importance in our program. We help students across all subjects (math, ELA, science and history) to complete a substantial amount of work and build classroom confidence.

To learn more about our innovative approach to after-school programs, set up a free consultation today. Call or text us at (214) 444-3431! |

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