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Importance of a Planner

Planner notebooks have been a keystone in helping organize students’ schedules. Its use in and outside of the classroom has always been recommended by teachers. Professional Learning Board shares four ways planners improve student success in school:

  1. Improves organizational skills: A planner allows students to plan and schedule their deadlines and commitments, making them more conscientious of their assignments and daily schedule. Being aware of the schedule encourages students to make effective use of their time.

  2. Tracks achievements: Students seeing their to-do list checked off after a long day's work will encourage them to continue to work hard.

  3. Enhances student responsibility: Students using planners will have to structure their time to complete the necessary assignments while also honoring their other commitments. This improves and encourages accountability.

  4. Promotes communication: Planners encourage students to communicate with their parents, teachers, and classmates. By having a planner, students are able to see if there will be any overlaps/conflicts in their schedule or if assignments may be overdue. If a reschedule, clarification or extension is needed, students will be able to engage the necessary parties in advance (rather than after the fact).

Planners enable students to become more responsible, goal-oriented, and conscientious of their work ethic. They can also reduce stress by having the student know when assignments are due and plan ahead to get support if needed. The best part of using a planner is that you get to make a schedule that works for you (rather than having someone else do it for you), which makes getting things done more enjoyable and encouraging.

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