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Interesting New Year's Eve Traditions

As the new year approaches, we thought it would be fun and informative to present some international New Year's Eve traditions.

  • It is a tradition in Spain and parts of Mexico to eat 12 grapes right at the beginning of the New Year. They do this in the hopes that the new year will bring good fortune and prosperity.

  • In the Netherlands, the Dutch tradition is to eat oliebollen. This began with the ancient Germanic tribes. Eating oliebollen is believed to ward off the evil goddess named Perchta.

  • Throwing white flowers into the ocean is a Brazilian tradition. The flowers are presented to Yemoja, an African goddess of the sea, in an attempt to have her bless the coming year.

  • The Italians wear red underwear while entering the new year. Both men and women wear red underwear in the hope that the coming year will bring them good fortune and love.

  • In Greece, it is customary to hang onions. Onions are a symbol of rebirth for the Greeks, so they hang them on their doors to encourage growth throughout the new year.

From all of us at Star Tutoring - we wish you a happy new year!!

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