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Keeping an Organized Binder

Continuing with our organization-themed blogs from the past few weeks, today we will talk about how to keep a binder effective and organized. The website 5 minutes for mom shares five excellent tips on how to organize a binder:

  1. Color coding and the use of tabs will make it quick and easy to find and mark different subjects inside a binder.

  2. Using flags and page markers (think bookmarks) can help keep important information accessible.

  3. Keep organized office supplies handy to make adjustments to your binder in an effective and prompt manner.

  4. Make use of binder pockets. Whether a certain paper is missing hole punches or you want to keep a document front and center, binder pockets are flexible and ready to use. (But, make sure to file those papers periodically.)

  5. Utilizing sticky notes as bookmarks will save you time from flipping through pages trying to find where you left off. As a bonus, you can write little reminders on the sticky notes to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Binders have been a staple in the education field for keeping students detail-oriented. With all of the different schedules and class setups, everyone's binder will look different. The key is finding and making a binder that works for you.

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