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Practicing Executive Functioning and Setting Goals

Recognizing Executive Functioning deficits in children can be challenging, especially because normal behavior and signs of EFD can often overlap. Sometimes, EFD can be a symptom of another diagnosis.

Whatever the cause of EFD, you can usually work to address and support it through deliberate practice. A great way to practice these skills is through externalization - for example:

1) Getting ideas out of your head an onto paper;

2) Making lists of things that can't tracked mentally;

3) Timing exercises;

4) Oral braining storming with a thought partner;

5) Keeping a journal of what works and doesn't work for you.

Once you have an idea how to practice Executive Functioning, you can then work to form goals around these skills. Break down your macro goals (for example, getting to school on time) into smaller steps, like getting up on time. Don't strive for instant perfection - start with baby steps (like being on time 2 times per week) and then work to increase your goal metric over time.

For 10 simple exercises to practice Executive Function Skills at home, check out this article from Cognifit.

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