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Rediscover the Joy of Reading

Reading is an essential school subject and a requisite to becoming a functional member of society. From grade school to higher education, students complete reading assignments and exams that test their reading comprehension skills and speed.

But, the academic focus on high reading scores can be discouraging for some children. Though important and educational, assigned readings rarely align with the student’s personal interests, so assigned readings can be boring and tedious work. Coupled with the associated homework (projects, assignments, tests, short deadlines, and possibly low reading scores), students sometimes associate reading with stress, boredom, or failure.

By supplementing academic reading with leisure reading, you can reintroduce the fun of reading to your child under a new light. Here are some ways to encourage your child to read for their own benefit and enjoyment:

1) Create a relaxed reading area. This should be a fun and cozy space for your child to want to read in. It can help your child associate reading with leisure and relaxation.

2) Set an example. Kids learn by modeling behavior. Show your child that it's normal to read every day.

3) Make connections between their reading and real life. Explore how they can apply their new knowledge to the real world. This can help them understand the value of reading and can even induce a curiosity to learn more.

4) Watch the movie! Hundreds of movies are available as a book in every genre. Make sure to discuss any differences in storylines.

5) Build a home library. Access to reading materials at home can project the idea that reading is not limited to academic environments.

6) Explore different genres. Sometimes reading itself isn’t the issue, but rather the subject matter. Expose your child to different genres which can open new possibilities.

For more on tips on encouraging good reading habits, check out this article from Oxford Learning.

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