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Spaced Repetition - A Systematic Way to Study

Spaced Repetition

It's never too late to discover a new way of learning! I encountered Spaced Repetition Learning in my Intensive Spanish class, and my whole learning style improved. Spaced Repetition Learning is the method of spreading your learning out in a controlled way, so that information is introduced and reviewed in a time interval directly related to your familiarity with it.

How it Works

When you study, new information is reviewed every day until it becomes familiar to you. As the information "gets older" and more familiar, you see it less often. But, you still review it every once in a while! This may seem like simple logic: you learn something, and it might come up in the future so you practice it. However, Spaced Repetition can be a mathematical and systematic approach to timing your review of information. In order to use it, you must make a calendar, count day (intervals between studying), and split up information (for example, with flash cards). When the concept is new, you would mark your calendar for frequent review sessions - perhaps every day. As the information becomes more familiar, adjust the pacing of your review on your calendar. Sounds tedious? This approach may appear only for those with good discipline and grit - even for motivated learners. However, a group of students wrote ANKI, a computer program, that does the spacing for you. You can download the free app on a computer or your smart phone and even sync the two. Making flashcards allows you to start learning even before you use the app! Want to read more? Check out this article on Spaced Repetition.

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