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Star Tutoring Program Offering

As we kick off the spring semester, we are happy to provide families with assistance across all grades and subjects. Our team has experience helping kids with ADHD develop organization, time management, and study skills. We are confident that we can help your child get ahead. 

Explore Our Spring Offerings:

  • Star Sessions: Our tutors employ various proven methods, tools, and strategies to foster skills in organization, planning, executive functioning, and academics. Our aim is to enhance students’ grades by providing targeted support for their most pressing academic challenges while nurturing their independence.

  • Comprehensive Content Tutoring: We cover all grades and subjects, tackling tough topics like advanced math and science. Our tutors are here to guide your child through any academic hurdle.

  • Test Preparation: Prepare confidently for upcoming ISEE, SAT, and ACT exams. Our tutors not only review essential test-taking strategies but also thoroughly cover all content areas tested, ensuring you're fully equipped to achieve your desired score.

Our mission extends beyond academics – we aspire to leave a lasting impact on how students approach challenges and develop into independent thinkers. Together, we aim to alleviate the pressures of school, fostering confident and capable learners. Discover more about our transformative programs and join us in shaping a brighter educational journey for your child.

Voted BEST in Dallas For Three Years In a Row (2020-2023)!

Star Tutoring has received BEST in Dallas for Educational Institutions and Academic Services from Dallas Observer. We thank those who voted and supported us!

Star Tutoring: Online | In Center | In Home

If you need academic help, executive functioning support, or general advice for your student, please do not hesitate to give us a call! (214) 444-3431

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