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Strategies for Setting Goals and Time Management (for Teens)

Prevent the "Summer Slide"

Numerous studies show that kids lose 1-2 months of learning over the summer. A tutoring program with as little as 1 hour per week can prevent the Summer Slide and help build classroom confidence for the fall! Call us a (214) 444-3431 for more information.

Strategies for Setting Goals and Time Management

Featuring Jill Linkoff Wednesday, June 30 | 6 PM ET

Description from CHADD's website: Why do some goals and deadlines always feel so overwhelming, while others seem so much easier to accomplish? Often young adults with ADHD need organizational help because they are just learning time management and goal-setting skills. Jill Linkoff works with young adults to help them set goals and improve their time management skills for homework, projects, or job applications. In this webinar, she will offer suggestions on how to break down goals and tasks into smaller pieces that can be done more comfortably. In this webinar, teens and young adults will learn:

  • strategies and tools to create a timeline to reach their goals.

  • ways to get started when they feel unmotivated.

  • the reasons why many young people feel ashamed to ask for help.

Click here to register for the webinar.

CHADD is the national non-profit advocacy group for Children and Adults with ADHD. CHADD's mission is to provide information and support for the ADHD community. You can subscribe to their free newsletter at

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