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Teamwork and ADHD

It can be challenging to work in a team when one (or more) of the team members has ADHD (or Executive Functioning deficits). Remember that one person may be compensating for the deficits of another person and that can cause tension of time. Here are some useful and practical tips for the group.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

For the team member with Executive Functioning deficits:

  • Before working with others, deeply contemplate what you need to be successful.

  • Practice focusing on and communicating your vision.

  • Be open with your team. Let them know your strengths and weaknesses. (This is very hard to do openly and honestly!)

For the other team members:

  • Practice active listening, which means being engaged and asking follow-up questions.

  • Take meeting notes and share the notes after the meeting. Highlight action items.

  • Try to organize responsibilities to cater to the team members' individual strengths.

  • Help the other person by talking them through their thoughts. Help them elaborate. Help them organize their thinking.

For all team members:

  • Practice communicating openly.

  • Do not address issues while emotions are tense.

  • Keep a positive mindset.

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