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The Final Stretch to Final Exams

Is it December already? Finals are rapidly approaching and many will be held during the week of December 14. Are you worried that your student might not be on track to get the grades they want? Contact us today for a free consultation! There is still time to get extra study help!

How to Boost Final Semester Grades

It might seem like there's not much time left, when, in fact, there's a lot that can be done! Here are some tips and reminders to maximize your semester marks.

1) Encourage Self Advocacy. Does your child have a mountain of missing or late work? Even though the class syllabus may state certain rules for late work, many teachers encourage students to turn in work (even if it's late). They will often make exceptions if you ask. 2) Inquire About Extra Credit. Teachers often give extra credit for students who can demonstrate mastery through alternative types of assignments. 3) Get Help with Study Skills. Sometimes making outlines and flash cards dose not come naturally to students. These skills can be effective immediately!

4) Finals Exams are Huge. Sometimes final exams or final projects can be weighted 25-50% of the final mark. Preparing effectively can be a game-changer. 5) Get Ready for Next Semester. Starting strong is the best way to finish strong. If needed, find academic coaching to help ensure you achieve your goals.

Flexible Tutoring Programs Available!

Star Sessions is available seven days per week by appointment, with flexible scheduling for sessions online, in-center or in-home! We help students in all grades and all subjects. We reinforce Executive Functioning skills and academics to build confident, independent learners. Our Learning Center is safe and sanitized following our COVID-19 protocols. Contact us today for more details! | (214) 444-3431 Sam Barnes Owner and Center Director

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