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Tips On How to Get Organized

Last week, we talked about how being organized can help students be successful at school (and at life). Now, let's take a look at some actionable habits we can build to help us become more organized. Education Connections provides 12 ways parents can help students become better organized:

  1. Set up a regular school "check-in" with your child. Make it a routine weekly check-in, not a random FBI raid.

  2. Try to keep it positive. (Don't nag!)

  3. Set up a daily/weekly homework routine. Establish days and times when homework and studying should get done. Invite your child to participate in setting the schedule (try not to dictate the study times).

  4. Keep homework contained to one consistent area if possible.

  5. Get everything ready the night before to avoid a morning scramble.

  6. Improve your family's sleep schedule. A brain that is not well-rested is difficult to stay organized.

  7. Use color-coding to mark different subjects. This is faster/easier for the brain to process than reading words.

  8. Label and organize binders and notebooks. Label makers are relatively cheap and make things look clean and professional.

  9. Schedule a weekly "Clean Sweep."

  10. Archive old assignments. At the end of units or semesters it's usually a good time to move papers out or start a new binder. Don't throw out papers until at least the end of the class. Many final exams are cumulative!

  11. Use an agenda/planner to keep track of things.

  12. Create a calendar for extracurricular activities.

It's never too late to begin your journey towards success in whatever you do. Remember that this takes baby steps and incremental improvements over a period of months or even years - don't expect to spend one day getting organized and then have it be perfect in the future. Indulging in trial and error with different ways to build habits will lead you to discover more about yourself, making you better able to create and stick with habits that work for you.

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