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Tips to Alleviate Stress

Stress is a common feeling in today’s culture and environment. Due to work, school, finances, health, and much more, stress plagues many individuals. The definition of stress is a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse/demanding circumstances. Lower stress can help students study more effectively and efficiently for exams and complete homework assignments more quickly and accurately. Here are some ways to decrease stress levels, according to the CDC:

  • Make Time to Unwind: Constant pressure from work or school can create suppressed tension. Carving out time in your schedule to indulge in activities you find relaxing can alleviate stress. It can also encourage you to work harder as you know there will be some rewarded time waiting for you after a long day of work.

  • Take Care of Yourself: Creating a habitual system of self-care can go a long way toward promoting healthy emotional regulation. You’ve heard it before: get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and incorporate well-balanced meals into your diet. Try to avoid excessive consumption of substances (alcohol, tobacco, etc).

  • Decrease High-Stimulus Activities: Limiting the amount of time you spend on social media, reading the news, playing video games, and even watching intense movies can promote an increase in mental clarity. These high-stimulus activities can often create mental fatigue and increase stress levels.

Hopefully, these tips can help you reduce some of the day-to-day stress. Small changes can create an exponential amount of relief in one’s daily life.

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