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What is Self-Advocacy?

It can be hard to ask for what you need, especially in the context of a child asking an adult. There can be feelings of shame, fear of rejection, and social anxiety. But, it's one of the most critical skills that we can learn early on. In it's most simple form, self-advocacy is seeking help. The components to self-advocacy include:

  1. Understanding what you need

  2. Knowing (approximately) what can solve that need

  • Communicating those needs

  • Considering and/or accepting help

How We Reinforce Self-Advocacy

It's usually incumbent in the role of parent/caregiver to anticipate your child's needs and solve for the deficits that they have. In an attempt to nurture our kids and make life more pleasant for them, we may unintentionally hinder the development of skills that they need to build for independence in learning and living. Of course, parents must strike a balance here. In our model, our tutors serve as both coaches as well as academic tutors. We help students recognize their needs and ask for help. Rather than doing it "for them," we do it "with them." Each step takes self-awareness and maturity and we do not expect them to learn this in a single session. These are skills that humans continue to develop well into adulthood. These skills are immediately rewarding and are essential for managing high school and college. There are a few things the student will learn:

  • Ownership of their education and skills

  • How to articulate their questions (which is usually simple but can sometimes be overwhelming)

  1. Self-confidence in communicating their needs

  2. A sense of independence (as we show them how they can do it on their own)

It takes practice, just like any other skill, but the benefits are boundless. To learn more about self-advocacy and how to practice it with your student, check out these tips from!

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