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Working with Colleagues with ADHD

In our recent blog post, we discussed how neurodiversity and ADHD can be an asset to project teams in the workplace. However, working with colleagues with ADHD can sometimes be challenging! Here are some tips to use in the professional environment if you are working with team members that have ADHD or Executive Functioning deficits:

1. Understand their individual strengths and challenges. Play to their strengths. Find ways to support their challenges.

2. Give them more structure and direction than their peers.

3. Avoid shame and blame. Deliver feedback in a positive way.

4. Address issues openly and honestly (with a moderator or coach).

5. Allow time so they can pause and regroup.

6. Adjust expectations. Accept minor errors.

7. Stability and routines are key. Changing contexts may be disastrous.

8. Be a thought partner. Ask open-ended questions.

9. You can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.

Recognize that you may have to compensate for the EF deficits of team members. This will likely cause tension over time. Talk about it together and get ahead of it in a positive way before it becomes a conflict.

If these topics are of interest, we are now presenting at companies around the DFW Metroplex on the benefits of neurodiversity and ADHD in the workplace. If we can be of assistance, please contact our Center Director today!

Sam Barnes | | (214) 444-3431

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