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How to Make an Effective Study Guide

Reviewing your class notes and materials before a test, exam, or quiz can be approached in a variety of ways. One way many students review their class notes is by creating a study guide. A study guide is a summary of what was learned and discussed in class and provides you with the information you need to ace your exam. An effective study guide will have these three components:

  1. First, the study guide must be comprehensive. Study guides must encapsulate the subjects that the class touched on during the class, giving proper attention to each aspect of the course. For example, if your US History class discussed George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil Rights Movement, your study guide must include all of these topics and explain why knowing these facts is important.

  2. Secondly, study guides must have good sources. Use your class books, your teacher’s materials, and your notes to create these study guides. This will help you gather information that is accurate and reliable.

  3. Finally, your study guide must be organized. Putting information on a page without organization does little to help you. Your brain thrives on predictability, patterns, and organization, so the more structure you can give your study guide, the better. For example, you can organize the information by time period and topic.

By carefully crafting your study guide and reviewing, rewriting, and organizing the content of your textbooks and notes, your brain absorbs that information and can better prepare you to tackle any test or quiz. If you think your child might need some remedial support in math or reading, feel free to give us a call at (214) 444-3431 or visit

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