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School is hard. We can Help.

Star Tutoring™ is a novel approach to after-school academic services.  We help students improve their grades and become confident, independent learners. We reinforce organization, planning, self-advocacy and study skills in addition to academics. By strengthening Executive Functioning, our students develop habits that transfer to success in real life.

We help students who have gifts and challenges achieve college readiness. Our model is battle-tested and we customize it for each student we serve.  We hire the best tutors and give them the tools to help students maximize their strengths, overcome their obstacles, and achieve their best results. See what our clients are saying!

A Better Approach to Tutoring

Our innovative Star Sessions combine academic tutoring with Executive Functioning coaching. Students study with us for two-to-three hours in a focused, no-distraction environment. We work across all content areas and help students organize their materials and develop an action plan for the week.

Star Sessions

Build Independence in Learning

We consult with you to identify your student's needs and develop a customized path to achieve success. We maximize impact by complementing and reinforcing topics that are current in the classroom. We also prepare for students for standardized tests, such as the STAAR, ISEE, SSAT, SAT and ACT.

Private Tutoring

Content Support and Test Prep


We have reopened our Learning Center on an appointment-only basis and we are continuing to provide services online.

At-home learning and e-schooling requires a high degree of self-directed learning and Executive Functioning. Star Tutoring Centers can help.

EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING SUPPORT: Is your child struggling to know what to work on and when to turn in lessons? Are they procrastinating and missing due dates? Are they struggling with ADHD? Our staff is trained to help students build Executive Functioning skills.  We help our clients get organized and make a study plan using our digital Student Planning Sheet. We help students think through chunking their work, scheduling study time, keeping notes and building study skills — all of this, in addition to tutoring academics.

ACADEMIC CONTENT SUPPORT: Is your child not receiving enough instructional support? Are they struggling to focus during online lessons? We can help students remediate gaps and get them confident for class. We cover all grades and subjects.

ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT: Is your child not challenged by your school's online lessons? Are they bored? Do you worry they will be behind next year? We will check to ensure students have mastered all of the standards.  We will create sequenced, at-home assignments which can be used for additional skills building. These can be completed independently or with the help of parents.  Don't let the school's failure to provide rigor make your child fall behind next year! They will be expected to be on grade level with school resumes.

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—  Mother of 8th Grader (Forest Meadow JH)

"I just wanted to tell you that my daughter got a 100 on her algebra exam. I owe all the thanks to you and your tutoring center! Really appreciate you fitting her in during a busy season right before exams. We'll be back!"



School is hard.

We can help.

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