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Building Effective Study Habits

As the end of the semester gets closer, final exams and standardized tests are nearing. Today, we wanted to share some ways to build effective study habits to ace your classes this semester (according to Azusa University):

  • Find a Dedicated Study Spot: Having an environment that is exclusively just for studying will help your brain focus. You will build the habit of solely focusing on work when you are in that space. Try not to work in your bed, in the game room, or at the dinner table.

  • Use a Planner: Having a planner will help you keep track of important deadlines and dates. That way, you can plan your schedule accordingly and work on the assignments in a timely manner. Earlier this semester, we wrote an article about the importance of using planners.

  • Don’t Cram for Your Exams: Cramming for an exam is ineffective and stressful. But, with the use of spaced repetition, you will be able to understand the material better and decrease stress levels. Make use of practice questions and old exams. With ample time, you will be able to contextualize the material instead of just memorizing it.

  • Organize a Study Group: The Feynman Technique of studying is a well-regarded approach to understanding a topic. This is where you explain a topic in your own words and use plain, simple language. Use this technique with your study group and encourage them to ask questions. When you notice a gap in your knowledge, write it down and study it later.

  • Ask for Help: There’s a saying, "A closed mouth doesn’t get fed." When you don’t understand a topic or instruction, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are, there are other students with the exact same question as you. So go ahead, ask your teacher, ask a friend, use your textbook, ask Google, and search on YouTube. If you are shy about asking questions during class, ask your teacher when class is dismissed or after school.

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