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College Applications - A Primer

Summer is a great time for rising high school seniors to work on their college applications. But, what does creating a college application entail? In this week’s blog, we are going to break down what goes into a college application.

  • Before You Apply: Make sure you are applying to colleges that are right for you.

  • Application Systems: The first thing we need to understand is how we submit applications. Many colleges use the Common App - the great thing about this is you can fill out your details once and push it to multiple schools. However, many state schools use their own application system. The majority of Texas colleges only allow applications to be submitted through the Apply Texas system.

  • Gather Application Materials: To properly fill out a college application, you first need to gather your credentials and educational materials. You’ll need your high school transcript; details of your activities, work, and/or family responsibilities; test scores (SAT/ACT) if required; parent/legal guardian information; teacher/mentor recommendation letters; and any academic honors or achievements you have earned during high school.

  • College Essays: Most applications require at least one essay. If you use the Common App, you can write a standard essay that you are able to submit to every college you apply to. However, some colleges may require you to write supplemental essays in addition to the standard ones. Make sure to check the college’s admissions website for extra details. The sooner you start writing these essays, the better! And, make sure to have them reviewed and revised by your parents, friends, counselors or a tutor.

  • Deadlines and Fees: Make sure to check the admissions page on the college’s website to understand deadlines and application fees. Although there are many waivers to dismiss the fees, you’ll have to apply in advance. Make sure to use a planner to ensure you get the necessary steps completed and submitted on time. We have a prior blog with helpful tips on how to be organized!

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