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How to Build a Schedule That's Right for You

Planning and scheduling skills are critical to a student’s journey to academic success. In this week’s blog, we are going to share some tips on how to build a schedule that is right for you.

  1. Look At Your Syllabus: Knowing when assignments are due and when your exams are going to take place will allow you to start studying a lot earlier. This will increase your self-esteem, lower your stress levels, and boost your study skills. Instead of cramming the night before, you are able to thoroughly and effectively review the topics you’re learning in class. A great way to do this is through the use of spaced repetition.

  2. Use a Planner: Having a dedicated planner to plan out your day will make you more likely to stick to your schedule. Whether you use a physical or digital planner, having one you use regularly is the most important thing. We have a separate blog post about the different types of planners.

  3. Don’t Over/Under Schedule Your Day: You know yourself - if you know you can’t study for 5 hours straight, then don’t schedule yourself to do it. If you are only able to study for one hour and need to take a short break, then that’s what you need to schedule. On the contrary, if you know you are able to knock out two homework assignments in a day, try and do that. Don’t let what could be a day's work turn into two days or even a prolonged week’s worth. Scheduling out your day is supposed to make efficient use of your time.

  4. Get the Hardest Work Done First: Whether it’s working out or writing an essay you’ve been dreading to work on, having the hardest item on your to-do list checked off is very important. It will build motivation to carry on and complete your other tasks for that day.

  5. Schedule Time to Relax: Making time to relax is as important as scheduling work time. Hobbies and downtime help decrease stress. Keep this in consideration when you make your schedule. You might not have time to partake in your hobby every day, but making an effort to do so at least once a week is good enough. Learning tips on how to alleviate stress is a great first step to making good use of your relaxing time.

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